Hassan Sarwar

Hassan Sarwar

Founder & CEO at InfiniOne

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Hassan Sarwar

About Hassan Sarwar, Founder & CEO

With a passion for innovation and a sharp focus on practical problem-solving, Hassan Sarwar stands at the forefront of solution engineering and custom AI solution development. A proud alumnus of the University of Southern California, Hassan's academic background laid the foundation for his deep technical expertise and visionary approach.

In 2012, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in the burgeoning field of mobile development and artificial intelligence, Hassan founded our company. Under his leadership, we have not only navigated the complex landscape of AI but have also crafted bespoke solutions that address the unique challenges faced by our diverse clientele.

Hassan's approach to solution engineering is holistic, integrating cutting-edge technology with user-centric design to create intelligent systems that are not only technically robust but also intuitive and accessible. His work ethic and dedication to excellence are the cornerstones of our company's ethos, inspiring our team to push boundaries and redefine the standards of AI solutions.

Whether it's spearheading innovative projects or mentoring the next generation of engineers, Hassan's commitment to fostering a culture of knowledge, innovation, and ethical AI is unwavering. His vision continues to drive the company's growth and success, making us a leader in the field of solution engineering and custom AI development.