About InfiniOne

Tech Evolution with a Passion for AI

Our journey began in a USC dorm room in 2012, where a deep-seated passion for technology sparked the creation of a company that would traverse the realms of web development, mobile apps, FinTech, IoT, and finally AI. This evolution is a testament to our commitment to embrace change and lead the way in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Our Awards

Innovative AI Solutions, Award-Winning Excellence

Our Mission

Empowering Your Future with AI

We're on a mission to infuse businesses, from sprouting startups to established enterprises, with the power of AI. Our goal is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI technology and real-world applications, helping you navigate the exciting possibilities that AI brings to your industry.

Our Story

Evolving with Technology

Ours is a story of constant evolution - starting from web development, branching into mobile apps, FinTech, and IoT, and finally arriving at our passion for AI. Each phase of our journey has been an exploration of new technological frontiers, shaping us into a hub of innovation and cutting-edge solutions.



Our journey began with a deep-rooted passion for technology


Global Reach

Our expertise  empowers businesses across five diverse countries.


Award Winning

Our innovative approach garners multiple industry awards.


Success Stories

Celebrate a client's multimillion-dollar raise and partnering with a top U.S. retail services firm.

Our Values

Excellence, Innovation, Adaptability, and Learning

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We aim for nothing less than the best, in our work and the results we deliver.

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Pioneering solutions is in our DNA – we thrive on bringing new ideas to life.

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Just like technology, we evolve, ensuring we’re always ahead of the curve.

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Continuous Learning

Every project is a new classroom, keeping our work exciting and us at the top of our game.

Our Team

The amazing team behind InfiniOne