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Harness the power of AI to drive innovation and efficiency. Customized machine learning solutions for every business need.

Service Categories for Machine Learning

Tailored Machine Learning Solutions

From predictive analytics to AI-driven automation, our services cover the full spectrum of machine learning applications.

Predictive Analytics

Utilize historical data to predict future trends, aiding in decision-making and strategy development.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Implement advanced NLP techniques to extract, analyze, and interpret human language for better customer interactions and insights.

Computer Vision

Develop systems that can interpret and act upon visual data, enhancing automated processes and analytics.

Recommendation Systems

Create personalized recommendation engines that enhance user experience and boost engagement.

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)

Deploy AutoML solutions for efficient model development, reducing the need for extensive data science expertise.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Develop intelligent chatbots that provide human-like interactions for customer support and engagement.

Deep Learning

Leverage deep learning models for complex tasks like image and speech recognition, offering unparalleled accuracy.

Reinforcement Learning - Learn by interaction

Start with zero historical data, interact with at the system and learn how to act in future. Defining the end goal is enough, forget about how to reach there!


How to deploy large ML models on edge devices? How to go further and made them trainable on edge devices? We offer hardware agnostic and hardware aware solutions to reduce the model size for efficient inference as well as training

Our Process

Our Proven Machine Learning Methodology

A structured, iterative approach ensuring the highest quality and performanceof machine learning models.

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Requirement Analysis

Understand client needs and goals to tailor a unique machine learning strategy.


Data Preparation and Processing

Gather, clean, and structure data to make it suitable for machine learning models.


Model Development and Training

Develop customized models and rigorously train them with the prepared dataset.


Model Evaluation and Tuning

Assess model performance and fine-tune parameters for optimal accuracy and efficiency.


Deployment and Integration

Deploy the machine learning solution into the client's environment for practical use.


Monitoring and Maintenance

Continuously monitor and update the models to ensure they adapt to new data and requirements.


State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Technologies

Employing the latest tools and platforms to deliver advanced and reliable machine learning solutions.


Utilizes TensorFlow for building and training sophisticated deep learning models.


Implements PyTorch for its dynamic computation graph and high-level performance in model prototyping.


Leverages advantages of both TensorFlow and PyTorch into one package for deep neural network training, evaluation and deployment.

Amazon SageMaker

Uses Amazon SageMaker for streamlined model building, training, and deployment in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Integrates Azure ML for its powerful cloud-based analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Google AI Platform

Employs Google's AI Platform for scalable and flexible machine learning model development and deployment.

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"InfiniOne delivers results. They helped design and build our product from the ground up. The team at InfiniOne was truly our outsourced CTO."

Tom Rizzo
CEO, Plectrum Advisers

"InfiniOne has helped reshape our operations by building AI solutions that help make our acquisitions and operations more efficient."

Julia Cournoyer
Director of Property Managment, Kelsey Management

"The InfiniOne team has been an invaluable partner for Dwindle, taking our complex idea and bringing it to reality."

Jake Gelyana
Co-Founder, Dwindle Dating
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