How we helped Updone go from concept to online marketplace

Transformed Updone into a dynamic, automated event staffing online platform.

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How we helped Updone go from concept to online marketplace

Project Overview

Updone aimed to revolutionize event staffing with an online marketplace but needed technological expertise to automate their existing model. The requirement was not just for a web application but also for robust cloud services to manage their unique staffing approach effectively.

Key Challenges:

  • Automating an existing staffing model.
  • Developing an intuitive and efficient web application.
  • Implementing scalable and secure cloud services.

Project Execution

Our team reimagined the user experience and interface (UX/UI) from scratch, focusing on simplicity and efficiency. Utilizing Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we built a scalable infrastructure. The MEAN stack was chosen for its versatility in web app development, and Stripe was integrated for seamless payment processing.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Redesigning UX/UI for optimal user engagement.
  • Building on GCP for robust cloud services.
  • Developing with the MEAN stack for a dynamic web app.
  • Integrating Stripe for secure payment processing.


The launch of Updone's online marketplace marked a significant milestone. Our ongoing support and agile development approach facilitated rapid iterations, responding effectively to user feedback and evolving market needs.

Key Results:

  • Successful launch of a fully automated event staffing marketplace.
  • Continuous product enhancement based on user feedback.
  • Ongoing support and technological updates.

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