How we helped take chargeFUZE from concept to launch

Transforming chargeFUZE from concept to market leader with innovative tech and notable revenue growth.

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How we helped take chargeFUZE from concept to launch

Project Overview

chargeFUZE, a pioneering portable charging company, faced a significant challenge as they aimed to be the first to market in the U.S. Their vision was to create a network of charging stations complemented by a user-friendly mobile app, reliable cloud services, and interactive web applications. However, the realization of this vision required a robust technological backbone and expertise that they lacked in-house. They needed a technology partner who could not only understand their vision but also translate it into a tangible, market-ready product.

Key Challenges:

  • Developing software for charging stations across various locations.
  • Creating a mobile application for easy accessibility and user engagement.
  • Establishing secure and scalable cloud services for data management.
  • Designing interactive web applications for customer and administrative use.

Project Execution

Our approach was holistic, starting from validating the concept to building a fully functional tech ecosystem using cutting-edge technologies. We leveraged Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba IoT for hardware integration, and the MEAN stack for web development. Additionally, we innovated a 'text to rent' system, integrating it with Stripe for payments and Twilio for communications.

Technologies Used:

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Alibaba IoT for hardware integration
  • MEAN stack for web development
  • Integration with Stripe for payments
  • Twilio for communication features


The collaboration led to the successful launch of chargeFUZE's products. Our agile methodology allowed for rapid iteration based on customer feedback, leading to a well-received market entry and a solid foundation for future growth.

Key Achievements:

  • Successful launch and market entry.
  • Rapid product iteration based on customer feedback.
  • Establishment of a strong technological foundation for future expansions.

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