Helping GlideRite Automate Their Cart Collection and Maintenance Service

Launched a full-service app, enhancing cart tracking and data management.

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Helping GlideRite Automate Their Cart Collection and Maintenance Service

Project Overview

GlideRite, a leader in the cart collection and maintenance industry, confronted a pivotal hurdle in advancing their operational efficiency. Their ambition was to develop a robust technical solution that could transform their services from the ground up. This involved crafting a comprehensive software system encompassing a mobile app, cloud services, and a web application. The core functionality of this software was to empower their technicians with the capability to meticulously track the area of operations, monitor cart collections, and record diverse cart-related data.

  • Development of a Proof of Concept: The initial task was to create a proof of concept to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solution.
  • Transition to a Full-Service Product: Post-validation, the objective was to evolve the proof of concept into a fully-functional, comprehensive product.
  • Software Requirements: The software needed to offer functionalities for tracking mapped areas, cart collections, and various cart-specific details.

Project Execution

Our team at the software development agency embraced this challenge with a commitment to innovation and collaboration. Working hand in hand with GlideRite, we embarked on a journey to conceptualize, validate, and construct the solution from scratch. Our approach was underpinned by a blend of state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.

  • Utilization of Advanced Technologies: We employed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for reliable cloud services, Flutter for crafting a user-friendly mobile application, and the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js) for a dynamic web application.
  • Agile Development Methodology: Our development strategy was anchored in agile principles, facilitating swift and adaptable iteration based on GlideRite's feedback and evolving requirements.
  • Collaborative Workflow: We maintained a synergistic partnership with GlideRite's internal team, ensuring seamless integration of their insights and operational needs into our development process.


The culmination of our collaborative efforts with GlideRite was the successful launch of a comprehensive cart collection and maintenance software solution. This product not only met but exceeded the initial expectations and requirements.

  • Successful Product Launch: We successfully deployed the full-service product, complete with all the envisioned functionalities.
  • Rapid Iteration and Feedback Integration: Post-launch, our team quickly adapted the software based on internal feedback from GlideRite, ensuring continuous improvement and customization.
  • Operational Enhancement: The implementation of our solution significantly improved GlideRite's internal processes, leading to increased efficiency, better data management, and enhanced service delivery to their clients.

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